7EDU Starts After School Program

7EDU provides high quality educational opportunities based on the Internet in the disadvantaged areas of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 7EDU has launched the website 7EDULANG (https://7edulang.net) for online education since March 2017. Currently Indonesian, math, reading and Korean courses are being serviced. 7EDU will continue to explore ways to create and distribute a variety of educational content tailored to local needs.

In July, 7EDU conducted an intensive mathematics learning course for students at the Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) through the Mathematics Smart System. From this semester, we will start after school programs, Is accumulating. In the future, we will set up a self-directed learning center in the K-eduplex and look for ways to provide good learning opportunities to nearby students. We hope that 7EDU’s educational activities will be fruitful and that these experiences will be a good basis for future Internet education.