Cornerstone Global Academy, Kicked off!

Last mid-February, the first Spring Semester of K-12 Cornerstone Global Academy kicked off with 6 children. Cornerstone Global Academy represents a new school model with the combination of School of Tomorrow curriculum (SOT), an online education program from the U.S. based Promise Cyber School, and on-site guidance from teaching staff. During the first semester, Cornerstone will establish its legal foundation with the government and build its organizational structure and educational programs so that in the following Fall Semester in August, the school will officially open up to accept expatriate and Indonesian students.

Cornerstone pursues two core visions :

I. The first vision is for the 2nd generation diaspora, or the children of expatriates. Recognizing His predestined calling for this unique and special generation, we aim to bring up a generation of effective leaders, each of them rooted in the cultural identity of his or her mother country and fit to serve with good capacity in the global arena. The school incorporates a highly intensive academic program comparable to some of the most academically advanced K-12 scholastic institutions in the world. In addition, it runs character and spiritual training programs as a core part of its curriculum and implants a passion in all students’ hearts, so that students trained at Cornerstone serve global leaders raised in the diaspora community.

II. The second vision is seeking to proactively enter into the local Indonesian communities to build branch schools with our proven pedagogies, reaching to various classes. To do this, we will continuously open branch schools to serve most impoverished communities throughout the archipelago.

What we start now may look as small as setting a cornerstone for a building, but upon this dedicated stone God will build His kingdom upon it.