Current State of Construction and New Start

K-eduplex is currently in process of attaining construction permit in Delta Mas. We hope the construction to begin soon upon receiving the permit. At this point, a road has been paved connecting to the construction site, along with water pipes and sewage system underneath, making smooth passage for construction equipment and vehicles to enter into the construction site.

Up until the construction of K-eduplex is completed, We will run educational programs in full scale in the nearby Lippo Cikarang area. The member families have moved to Delta Mas and Lippo Cikarang over the past 1, 2 months in preparation for this work. Two three-floor buildings have been rented to be used as platforms, and the basic renovation work has been completed. Last February, the academic semester for Bridge Language Center (BLC) and K-12 Cornerstone Global Academy began, with several new programs awaiting to launch in the coming days. Please pray that the work here will bear fruits.