Seminar on “Child Education and U.S. University Admission” Held

A child education and U.S. university admission seminar was held in December 18 2014 by professor Yonggyu Lee, the man behind K-Eduplex.

The seminar, held by professor Yonggyu Lee, who received his doctorate degree in History & Middle East Studies at Harvard University, was catered towards Korean parents raising their children abroad and addressed issues such as university and academic pathways.

Through the seminar, he expressed the importance of drawing a bigger picture for the future before considering universities. Additionally, Dong Yeol Lee, who has the experience of sending his child to a U.S. university provided realistic examples and strategies. There was also an opportunity to introduce the SOT curriculum based school which is currently undergoing establishment.

Despite the lengthy nature of the seminar, all participants stayed until the end and were able to ask some crucial questions which relieved many of their concerns.