Mission Trip To Kalimantan (Mandomai & Banjarmasin) 2023

In November, Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) conducted a Mission Trip to Kalimantan that lasted from the 26th to 30th. The team consisted of 10th and 11th grade students along with three teachers who visited different schools and churches in Mandomai and Banjarmasin. This Mission Trip aimed to make a significant contribution to the local community, establish lasting relationships, and create meaningful experiences for both parties through activities such as community service, education, cultural exchange, and sharing of experiences.

The team’s journey started on November 26th from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta and ended at Syamsudin Noor International Airport in South Kalimantan. Upon their arrival, the team proceeded to GKE Effata where they received a warm welcome by local church members who performed a traditional dance, followed by an introductory meeting between the team and the church.

Departure and Arrival

Before starting any activities, CGA students and local students come together every morning to sing praises, engage in worship, share reflections on God’s love, participate in team discussions, and offer support by joining hands in prayer.

Morning Chapel

The following pictures depict the Mission Trip team’s activity at SMK GKE Mandomai. The team kicked off the day with some fun games to bond and get to know each other better. Later, the CGGA students performed a mesmerizing dance that showcased different cultures. It was a day of sharing, learning, making new friends, and having a great time together. The educational aspect was also enriched by CGA teachers and students who shared their knowledge and experience in music, English, and art.

The CGA students spent quality time with the Sunday school children, creating a memorable and joyful moment for everyone involved. The children were enthusiastic and focused on learning new concepts in English and art, and the CGA students facilitated small games to make the learning experience more engaging. The spirit of the children inspired the CGA students to utilize their skills in serving others even more.

Sunday School Service and English Camp

The CGA team organized a fun-filled event in which local students participated joyfully. Apart from this, they also conducted a Youth Bible Camp, which was a significant activity. During the camp, there were games and activities held at night, followed by praise and worship sessions where attendees could share special moments. The camp also featured cool dance performances and a big skit involving 50 participants, highlighting teamwork’s importance.

Night of Youth Bible Camp

“The Mission Trip was an incredible experience for everyone involved, leaving a lasting positive impact on both the team and the communities they served. It was more than just a series of activities; it was a heartfelt endeavor to foster education, cultural exchange, and connections. The shared moments and smiles exchanged during this journey will be cherished forever.”

Through this mission trip, the CGA students who participated have shared that it was a life-changing experience for them. They learned to be more open-minded and gained valuable insights into diversity. They also expressed gratitude for their current circumstances and drew lessons from the environment they were in. Through meaningful interactions with local youth and students, they gained a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. They now understand the true meaning of serving and how their skills and simplicity can bring happiness to others. The school is committed to hosting this mission trip annually, allowing the students to experience the essence of serving in real-life communities. The CGA students extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who played a role in making this mission a success.”





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