Coding Camp Sparks Innovation and Tech Passion Among Students

In response to the growing influence of technology across all age groups, CGA has taken a proactive step to engage students in the world of technology through a week-long coding camp from January 15 to 19, 2024. Strategically, the camp was divided into primary and secondary groups to provide students with hands-on experience and insights into the exciting realm of programming.

This camp was led d by four volunteer students from Handong Global University which major in IT. The camp commenced with a warm introduction of the team to the students, followed by an exploration of fundamental programming concepts, including loops and conditions. For the elementary group, the focus was on creating a jumping game using Scratch and animation for four days.

Provided with essential tools such as Arduino, jumper cables, breadboards, push buttons, LED lights of various colors, resistors, and data cables, students were immersed in the practical application of coding skills. The secondary students embarked on a practical journey, learning to code structures, cables, and execute functions using Arduino. Their projects included creating a temperature sensor using NTC and an automatic fan system with an ultrasonic sensor.

Participation in the coding camp proved highly beneficial for primary to high school students. The camp not only introduced them to the exciting world of programming but also fostered early literacy in digital technologies. Beyond technical skills, students gained confidence in navigating the digital landscape, understanding potential tech-related careers, and honing essential teamwork and communication skills.

The program concluded with a closing ceremony, during which certificates of appreciation were awarded to the four voluntary students from Handong Global University. Expressing gratitude, CGA and HGU students conveyed their thanks, underscoring the success of the coding camp in inspiring a new wave of technological enthusiasts.


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