On March 27, school auditoriums were filled with joy and reverence as the students celebrated Easter with a day of praise, worship, gift exchange, and performances. All secondary students and teachers got involved, creating a sense of unity and spiritual reflection.

The celebration began with a lively and heartfelt praise and worship session led entirely by students. After the service, the sermon was delivered full of wisdom and inspiration. Although the event is primarily student-led, teachers play a supporting role in the talk, providing guidance and encouragement. The message of hope and renewal, central to the Easter story, was delivered well.

A special feature of this celebration was the performances by students, showcasing a wide range of talents. Among these performances was a captivating dance performance by the school’s Dance Club. With precision and grace, the dancers brought to life the spirit of Easter through their choreography, captivating the audience with their expressive movements and synchronized routines.


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