Japanese Visitation Enriches CGA Students’ Experience

CGA School recently welcomed a team from Japan. The Japanese team had activities with CGA students for 2 days from 21-22 February that were filled with exciting cultural experiences and enhanced global awareness for students.

The Japanese team engaged students in a variety of interactive sessions. On the first day, the Japanese visitors joined a morning devotion for secondary students. They do group singing performances and one of the members even participated in the sharing session, which added a personal touch to the experience. This made the morning devotion more special and inspiring for everyone

On the second day of the visit, the Japanese team set up a food stall, offering a selection of Japanese dishes such as Takoyaki and noodles at affordable prices. This gave everyone at CGA a chance to taste and enjoy Japanese food.

The visitors also engaged in fun activities with the elementary students, teaching them how to write Japanese letters, play guessing games, and create origami airplanes. These activities helped the younger students learn about Japanese culture in an enjoyable and interactive way.

Their visitation helps the CGA family to learn about other cultures and feel connected to the world. and everyone is looking forward to more international visits in the future. CGA is dedicated to giving its students a broad education that includes learning from different cultures.


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